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How long does the dance season run?  

Our classes run similar to a school year with a performance at the end of our season in June.  Classes meet weekly, with the exception of scheduled breaks, holidays, and unplanned snow days. 


What is the cost of a class?

We offer a yearly tuition that is broken down into four (4) installments. The cost for one class per week is $190 per installment. Each additional class is 20% off per installment. Tuition is due by the installment date before services are rendered.  

  • 1st Installment- Due at Registration

  • 2nd Installment- Due Nov 8th

  • 3rd Installment- Due Jan 18th

  • 4th Installment- Due Mar 15th


What is due upon signing my child up?

The membership fee and your first tuition installment.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer a multi sibling/multi class discount of 20% off


How long is each class?

Classes can run from 30-60 minutes, depending on the program.  Some classes for our Competition Team are longer.

What if my child misses a class?  

Students should attend all classes, however, in the event of an absence, please contact the studio prior to your child’s class time.  If a class is missed for any reason, children can take a comparable make-up class based on availability. Make-ups must be made within two weeks of the absence unless approved by management. Due to capacity restrictions, you must call ahead to schedule your make-up class (we cannot accept walk-ins).


What should students wear to class?  

  • Tap: Leotard and black/tan tights. Black dance shorts are also permitted.

  • Jazz: Leotard and black/tan tights. Black dance shorts are also permitted.

  • Ballet: Leotard and pink tights. A ballet skirt is also permitted.

  • Acrobatics: Leotard or unitard and black/tan footless tights.

  • Hip Hop: Leggings, Sweatpants or Shorts, and a Fitted T-shirt or Leotard

  • Lyrical: Leotard and black/tan stirrup tights. Black dance shorts are also permitted.

  • Musical Theatre: Leotard and black/tan tights. Black dance shorts are also permitted.

  • Primas/Lil Movers:  Leotard or Leotard dress, black/tan/pink tights. Ballet skirt is also permitted.

  • Hippity Hop: Leotard and black dance shorts or black dance pants.

What shoes are needed for each class?

  • Tap: Oxford Tie Tap Shoe (color: black)

  • Jazz: Slip On Jazz Shoes (color: tan or skin colored)

  • Levels 1-4 Ballet: Canvas Ballet Shoes (color- girls: pink, boys: black)

  • Acrobatics: Bare Feet

  • Hip Hop- Clean Sneakers

  • Lyrical- Canvas Half-Soles

  • Musical Theatre: Slip On Jazz Shoes (color: tan or skin colored)

  • Lil Movers Creative Movement: Leather Ballet Shoes (Color- girls: pink, boys: black)

  • Primas Ballet:  Leather Ballet Shoes (Color- girls: pink, boys: black)

  • Primas Tap: Patent Leather Velcro Buckle Tap Shoes (color: black)

  • Hippity Hop: Clean Sneakers


Where can I buy dance shoes and dance apparel?

We sell leotards and tights at the studio as well as ballet shoes for ages 5 and under.  All other shoes, leotards and tights can be purchased from the Nimbly store on our website. All items purchased from the Nimbly store will be delivered to your house. Students can also purchase dance attire and dance shoes from My Dance Bag in Cherry Hill, NJ or Attitudes in Marlton, NJ.  Please refer to the class requirements above when purchasing shoes from local dancewear stores.

How should my child wear their hair?

Students should wear their hair in a bun or ponytail. 

In addition to tuition, what additional investments are involved?

  • Membership:  Choose from basic or premium membership.  Must be paid before the student enters class.   

  • Costume:  The price is $95 per performance class due on December 1st. All classes are performance classes except for Turns and Leaps and Open Ballet.


Do you have a recital or end of year performance?

Our students work hard all year long for a chance to perform in the annual recital!  Our recital is typically held the first weekend in June. All classes except for Acro and Open Ballet will perform in the recital. Prior to recital, there is a mandatory dress rehearsal held for all students. Every student must be present at the dress rehearsal. 

Do you have a class picture day?

Yes, all students are required to attend our class picture day held in the spring. Students are required to wear their costumes and have their hair and make-up picture ready. Individual photos are optional and may be purchased on the day of picture day. 


How can I stay up to date on important information?

Newsletters are emailed out monthly and our waiting room TV is always showcasing current Events, Important News, and More! We highly recommend you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as we post updates, fun pictures from class and other information on our social media weekly.

How can I view my child's classes?

We have all classes streamed live in our waiting room and all studios have viewing windows. We also recommend you download our studio 'Band' App.  We upload videos and pictures for parents and students. Band is also useful for students to review and practice the choreography they learn in class for recital. Email the dance studio for your link to our MDA band.

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